At American Inequality, we are focused on using data visualizations and mapping to highlight America’s regional divides. Every article will dive into an inequality topic that gets less coverage than it should (inequality in life expectancy, food deserts, debt, homeownership, and more). We look at the pockets of the US that are suffering the most under the weight of these challenges. We also interweave stories into every article, because data is nothing without the people behind it.

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We’ve also launched a data portal and analysis tool that you can find at We make all of our data and maps available to you for download and access in one simple place.

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Jeremy Ney 

Jeremy is a professor at Presidio Graduate School and was formerly a policy strategist at the Federal Reserve. His works have been publishing in the NYTimes, NPR, BBC, LA Times, and TIME Magazine.

Esteban Moro

Researcher, scientist, curious. Associate professor @uc3m & visiting professor @medialab & Connection Science (MIT)

Ryan Zepeda

MBA Candidate at Stanford GSB, formerly Bain & Co. and Google X. Texan exploring how entrepreneurial and public sector collaborations increase American competitiveness and reduce inequality

Yasmin Serrato-Munoz

Yasmin is a graduate of Wharton/Harvard where she explored the intersection of local policies and equitable access. She is a proud first gen college grad.

Girish Pendse

MPA student at the Harvard Kennedy School. Passionate about unlocking potential in communities that have been left behind.

Kevin Frazier

Assistant Professor at St. Thomas University College of Law and Research Affiliate at Legal Priorities Project. Focused on improving the resilience of our democratic institutions.

Kanisha Parthasarathy

Building in healthcare @HealthcareFoundry

William Jung

Major William Jung is an Army officer with over a decade of service, with assignments in Afghanistan and Honduras. He is currently assigned to the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Kelsey Soderberg

MPA Student at Harvard Kennedy School. Partners In Health alum. Striving for a more equitable America.

Michael Nelson

Michael advises social impact organizations to promote socioeconomic mobility and opportunity. He is currently pursuing a dual-MBA/MPA from Wharton and Harvard.