Very timely. I just lost a job and became Medicaid eligible. As a single mother who has been the sole proprietor for 19 years with one in college, I’m extremely grateful for the social safety net I paid into for decades.

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Great article. I went without insurance for 8 years, post divorce, because I refused to pay high premiums for a high deductible plan. I crossed my fingers and prayed that nothing would happen. Thank goodness I’m now old enough for Medicare. I still hope nothing major happens.

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I became Medicaid eligible a few years ago, while working a part-time tutoring job at our much touted community college. Thankfully, our past Republican governor, John Kasich, smartly accepted the Medicaid expansion offered by the federal government. Now, I signed up for what appears to be a good Medicare ( dual coverage - meaning both Medicare and Medicaid) plan as of July 1. It is inexplicable that some of the states who rank worst in poverty and just about everything else, refuse to accept federal money to help their most vulnerable citizens. I’ll be writing about this issue, from m a slightly different angle... soon! Thanks for a superior post on perhaps the most vital issue we face as a country!

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read: comment / not call Mint (that would be just saw your artwork)

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i'm a naturopath--

improve parkinson's

never a cold nor flu

**omicron➡️ long covid ⤵️

= $49 K on cards : have yet to meet a Medicare deductible

Who decided 3000 year old MEDICINE is "ALTERNATIVE" to

150-200 yo rx? not i; not my Maker

who "put every seed bearing herb and plant we need on the face of the Earth"

next time you by say 'preservision'

Look up benzene/benzoic acid &

call MINT here on why you did not put it in your eyes...

Sure I'll contact Rubio, Smith, even my guv desenseless: naturopathic physicians are not legal in Florida

but we DO have a municipal

Citizens' Bill of Rights the likes of which any free state wd keep a secret! ( check it out)

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