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Jesus, you can see the reservations.

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Thank you for highlighting the current trend in smoking rates and the very helpful round up of policies that have been successful in reducing smoking rates.

One of my parents tried many times over the years to quit smoking, and I really pressed the matter when my son was diagnosed with asthma and visits to their house were clearly aggravating his condition. Despite an attempt to quit again, they went back to smoking.

It was only when the state (MN) implemented a cigarette tax of about $1.50 per pack (it subsequently has been increased again I think) that my parent was FINALLY properly motivated enough to quit, because they couldn't stand the idea of paying all that extra tax to the government. :P

Of course my siblings and I tried to get them to think about the cost of smoking many times over the years... that they were basically burning up $30,000 a decade that might have been spend on other things, but it's only when Uncle Sam would get the money, instead of RJ Reynolds that it was too much an injustice to bear. ;)

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... thank you so much for that exhaustive inclusive outstanding report. I worked in cancer at the veterans hospital, where I learned that during WW II as far as I know and perhaps WWI : small packs of four cigarettes were in each GIs food kit, each meal. Government taught a generation of youth to smoke... being a boomer myself,

I had my first cigarette at 13 making me desperately ill and asking for another one the next day. My brother has died of lung cancer , mother died of lung cancer; I have had two cancer so we are cancer candidates --but I have not hit lung yet---perhaps I should have the new scan.

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I would like to see statistics on how many smokers are Repugs; if right-wing nuts want to kill themselves with smoking, arm the population with military-grade weapons and don’t want to get properly vaccinated, I say, Go Right Ahead and kill yourselves--the sooner the better. Public Health Matters.

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